Conflicts & Wildlife

The documentary film Conflicts & Wildlife has at last been completed after six months of filming in locations such as Somalia - Mozambique and Kenya.

The documentary film looks at the charcoal trade and the sustainable use of timber and the ongoing demands for resources by a growing regional population.


This is a short letter from Rupert Mcgowan the director of the Royal Geographical Society in Hong Kong

where in November 2014 the World premiere of Pembe Ya Ndovu was held.



Thank you very much for premiering your excellent film here.  It was a truly an honor, which was much appreciated by all attendees.

You presented a unique combination of real analytical documentary film making, while keeping the attention of the audience with an exciting presentation, which made it a very special event for the Members.  

The number plus the quality of the questions, showed the level of interest.

The eloquent introduction by Dr Jane, which set the scene for the unique environment of East Africa, was very important for focussing the audience.  They then focussed on the issues so starkly portrayed in your film.  You did a really good job of the Q&A, which several people have commented on, plus it was a great idea to have Laurel with you to add local details.

It was great to get to know you better.  I do hope that we are able to liaise with you for future projects.

Best rgs


About Green Heart Films

frontpage-1 Green Heart Films is primarily focused on the forests of our planet's equatorial rainforest regions; over the last seven years we have been to Borneo in south east Asia and in Latin America, we have focused our attention on areas such as the Amazon in Peru and Brazil.  We have also travelled to the far south of Argentina to witness the impact of climate change on this southern region's melting glaciers. frontpage-2 frontpage-3 Much of our work is centered on the Congo Basin of Africa, a region with unique species and the planet's second largest equatorial rain forest. Here we have spent the last seven years filming gorillas, okapis, chimpanzees, bonobos, elephants, an array of birdlife and many other magnificent species found across this rapidly disappearing equatorial forest. frontpage-4 Our primary aim is to create educational videos on the need to protect these endangered and biodiverse rainforests against poaching and the ever growing threat from mining and our planet's booming human population growth. We our driven with a passion and the belief that we can and should make a difference. frontpage-5

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