Pembe Ya Ndovu

The documentary film "Pembe Ya Ndovu (We want ivory we want more now)" has now been edited after two years of filming across the heart of Africa and onto Asia. This is a story about the illegal trade in African ivory. We shall in due in course post further information about Green Heart Films new production and where the film will be screened.

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Green Heart Films travels to Asia before returning to east Africa to commence the editing of “Pembe ya Ndovu”

  Being on the road has been chaotic at times and the last of the filming was to be done in Asia.  I flew to  the Thai capital Bangkok - an organized metropolis with great shopping malls and … [Read More...]

Act Now Before It Is Too Late To Save Africa’s Elephants

"This tragic image captured by Steve of Green Heart Films is of a young female elephant caught in a poachers snare.  Her ivory tusks were fortunately removed by local wildlife authority's before … [Read More...]

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