Conflict & Wildlife

This is Green Heart Films latest production a documentary which follows the story of regional conflicts and their impact upon Africa’s environment and wildlife. Terror organizations such as Al Shabab are according to UN reports to raising over $25 million annually from charcoal exports and in tern this trade is having a devastating impact upon this arid nations environment forcing nomadic community’s to migrate further south in search of pastures for their cattle - camels and … [Read more...]

Pembe Ya Ndovu

The documentary film "Pembe Ya Ndovu (We want ivory we want more now)" has now been edited after two years of filming across the heart of Africa and onto Asia. This is a story about the illegal trade in African ivory.  We shall in due in course post further information about Green Heart Films new production and where the film will be screened.   On a wet cold June evening I received an invitation to visit Gabon to witness illegal confiscated ivory being destroyed by Gabon’s … [Read more...]

Act Now Before It Is Too Late To Save Africa’s Elephants

"This tragic image captured by Steve of Green Heart Films is of a young female elephant caught in a poachers snare.  Her ivory tusks were fortunately removed by local wildlife authority's before the poachers responsible for this tragic crime were able to return to remove her tusks for sale - It is essential that a global audience view this tragic image in order to understand the truly horrific nature of the ivory trade - Please forward this image onto others - Awareness is empowerment - Act Now … [Read more...]


Our recent visit to Brazzaville has been a success as our main objective was to expose and film the ivory market in Kinshasa, the Capital of the DRC. There were unfortunate surprises on the journey such as being detained at the airport for ten hours on arrival and our planned visit to Dzangha-Sangha had to be cancelled due to the country’s chronic insecurity. On a note of success our Chinese colleague was able to cross over the river Congo from Brazzaville and film the Kinshasa market … [Read more...]

Return to the Congo Basin

Steve from Green Heart Films has flown back to the Congo Basin to continue with the last of the filming on the illegal trade in ivory.  Laurel Chor from Hong Kong is presently preparing to join Steve to film various markets that are still selling illegal wildlife products such as ivory.  Steve is also planning on filming poaching within the wild equatorial forest of the Congo Basin. Although we have not achieved our target in raising all the funds required,  we do hope that further funds will … [Read more...]

Chinese and British Filmmakers Join Forces to Reveal Horrors of the Illegal Ivory Trade to Ivory-Buying Public in China.

African elephants are being slaughtered across the continent for their ivory – 25,000 were killed last year according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Poaching for ivory is now recognised as serious organised crime, profits from which are known to be funding rebel armies and destabilising several African nations. The loss of elephants from habitats in which they are keystone species has severe economic and ecological consequences. Most of the ivory is illegally shipped to … [Read more...]

Lola Ya Bonobo

Whilst filming the trade in ivory within Kinshasa markets we were to visit a Bonobo sanctuary out side the city run by a dynamic and unique force of nature, Claudine Andre a Belgian who has spent much of her life working with this rare and highly endangered species of primates the Bonobo found only within the equatorial forest of the Congo DR. As with much of this region Bonobos are increasingly under threat and as with elephants found across the forests of this equatorial heart of … [Read more...]

The Congo Basin Ivory Trade – Update

The latest short video clips was shot in a market in Kinshasa in February 2013 but trying to film was somewhat unpredictable the traders at first agreed to allow me to film but on arrival they refused to allow me to film the ivory section of the market and I would only be allowed film curios for sale. The only way to film the ivory was to ask the traders to bring some of the ivory to the back of a hired land-cruiser but after filming the ivory being unloaded the market security block me … [Read more...]

Virunga Earth Great Heritage – Raising funds for the construction of an education center

Virunga National Park is Africa’s oldest and first National Park founded in the year 1925 but due to years of instability this world heritage park is now at risk from chronic inatability. Presently the southern sector and the middle sector are occupied by a regional militia known as the M23 and tensions are again beginning to simmer. After having visited the park in the autumn of 2012 Green Heart Films was fortunate to visit the northern sector of Virunga and we were privileged to have had … [Read more...]

Presidential Ivory Burn – Gabon

Green Heart films have just created a one minute video of President Ali Bongo with Dr Lee White in the year 2012 - President Ali Bongo officially lights six tons of confiscated poached ivory. Green Heart Films was to spend a period of three months in Gabon filming not only the ivory burn but was to travel extensively around Gabon national parks filming forest elephants in the wild. Dr Lee White has begun to sound off alarm bells as forest elephants populations have rapidly declined by … [Read more...]