Blue In Focus – Update


Shark Fins on Sale in Hong Kong

It has been two weeks since my return from E.Africa having filmed over a period of six months in Mozambique, Tanzania and along the coast of Kenya.

Since my return to the UK I have joined forces with a new team of talented marine biologists and supporters of marine conservation such as Dr David Obura of Cordio – Steve Trott of the Watumu Marine Association – Jack Wootton – Aggelina Kanellopoulou – Mary Lewis of the JGI – Ian Redmond and lastly our trusted editor Chris Hall.



Comercial Heart of Hong Kong

Blue in Focus has now begun its crowd funding campaign to raise the resources needed to continue with our objective, to create an educational documentary on the need to conserve our ocean’s marine biodiversity.

Whilst in E.Africa we were privileged to have been able to interview Dr David Obura and to meet marine zoologist Steve Trott, of the Watamu marine association. During my time filming along the coast I was fortunate to visit various sustainable projects, where local coastal community members are recycling plastics collected on various beaches in Watamu and other marine conservation areas such as Kiruwitu.


Shark Fins on Sale in Hong Kong

After editing our third promo for Blue in Focus, we are now ready to continue with the documentary filming in Asia. I now leave for Hong Kong to document the shark fin trade, and to interview activists seeking to put an end to this unnecessary trade that is decimating our oceans predators.

From Hong Kong my journey will continue onto Indonesia, where we hope again to film local marine conservation projects run by organisations that are based in Indonesia.



Hong Kong Street Market


In total, the visit to Asia will last until the beginning of April and then we return to the UK where we will begin to edit the first Blue in Focus documentary film.

In order to promote marine conservation, we will also be filming pristine coral reefs and the rich and diverse nature of our ocean’s ecosystems.



Sea Slugs on Sale in Hong Kong



The primary aim of Blue in Focus will be to shed light on the need to conserve our ocean’s marine biodiversity, and to highlight the work of local communities who are working to sustainably manage their marine resources.







Hong Kong’s Comercial Harbour