Blue In Focus – Africa Update

Vamizi Island - Mozambique

Vamizi Island – Mozambique



The journey to E.Africa has been a five month expedition into the marine coastal waters of the W.Indian Ocean, and a learning curve on the corals, mangroves and pristine waters of this region of Africa.





Fish Market Auction - Dar Es Salaam

Fish Market Auction – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


I have been privileged to visit the remote Mozambican island of Vamizi, situated in the far north of this vast E.African nation – whilst in Tanzania, I was able to spend a month on the island of Mafia.


Whilst visiting Mafia I have been able to witness majestic whale sharks, feeding on plankton, during their seasonal visits to this particular coastline.



Dar Es Salaam Fish Market - Tanzania

Dar Es Salaam Fish Market – Tanzania


The corals of Mafia, as with the island of Vamizi, are stunning both in their beauty and their complex biodiversity. Unlike much of Tanzania, Mafia still retains vast shoals of diverse tropical fish and turtles in abundance, whilst other regions of Tanzania are devastated by dynamite fishing and other non-sustainable marine activities.




Barracuda Auctioned, Dar Es Salaam

Barracuda Auctioned, Dar Es Salaam


Perhaps Africa’s largest open-air fish market is to be found in the city of Dar Es Salaam; where I was to spend six weeks visiting and recording daily marine catches – much of which can only be described as non-sustainable.


From Tanzania I was to travel north, to the warm equatorial waters off the coast of Kenya, here I was fortunate to meet regional marine biologists, local conservation communities and paid visits to regional marine parks.



Fishing Dhows

Fishing Dhows


In the northern coastal town of Malindi, I was fortunate to join locals aboard fishing Dhows, but much of this coastlines fish stocks are in rapid decline due to over fishing and poor marine management.


My journeys to this region have been rewarding and revealing, providing an insight into the marine world of E.Africa.




Definned Tiger Shark

Definned Tiger Shark

From Africa, I now plan to film the marine world of S.Asia and the Pacific, as part of the quest to journey to our planets oceans, in order to create the documentary Blue in Focus. This documentary will shed light on the need to conserve our planets fragile and magical oceans.


The oceans are our planets richest biological asset; covering two thirds of our worlds surface, but this fragile biodiverse world is in danger of being lost, unless we begin to understand the need to conserve this magical wonder – a treasure we still know very little about.