Blue In Focus


Green Heart Films has just returned from E.Africa, where we have been filming underwater near the island of Mafia, just south of Zanzibar, within the territorial waters of the republic of Tanzania. 


One of East Africa’s most pristine biodiverse marine regions is found off the coast of North Mozambique;  this is the island of Vamizi where we were able to film sharks, turtles and an array of untouched corals in one of the most diverse marine regions of the Western Indian Ocean.

Indian Ocean.

During the course of my visit to Dar es Salaam, I was to visit the city’s fish markets on a daily basis, to film traders buying and selling a diverse assortment of fish caught within the warm tropical waters off the coast of this East African nation.

I have, after two months of filming, returned to Bristol in the UK to begin the process of editing a short promotional film for the documentary Blue In Focus.  We hope that such a  promotional film will shed light on the essence and purpose of the new documentary film.

Blue In Focus will take another two years to complete.   After East Africa, I will be travelling to Malaysia  to visit Sipadan Pilau, and then onto Indonesia to film near the coastal province of Irian Jaya or Papua.

From Indonesia we will travel north to Hong Kong, to film the shark fin and sea slug trade and perhaps more challenging, we also intend to pay a visit to Japan with the objective to learn something about this nation’s unrelenting relationship with the Pacific, and its insatiable consumption of this region’s marine biodiversity.