Migrant 2

Blue in Focus Blue in Focus London Film Launch Migrant The recent visit to Tangiers in Morocco was a journey to meet with African migrants who have traveled from mostly W.Africa and without exception most are infact economic refugees escaping poverty and unemployment.The largest numbers of refugees are from Africa’s most populous country Nigeria a country with a population exceeding 186 million peoples. My contact address whilst in Tangiers was St Andrews Anglican church and here I was to … [Read more...]


  Migrant is the title of our latest documentary film,this is the subject of refugees and migrants which is the topic of the day in an increasingly fragile global landscape.   Climate change and population growth are increasingly having a greater impact upon communities around the world. Political insecurity and conflicts are increasing the numbers of people seeking to migrate to more stable regions of the world and with population growth migration is unlikely to disappear for … [Read more...]

Lola Ya Bonobo

Whilst filming the trade in ivory within Kinshasa markets we were to visit a Bonobo sanctuary out side the city run by a dynamic and unique force of nature, Claudine Andre a Belgian who has spent much of her life working with this rare and highly endangered species of primates the Bonobo found only within the equatorial forest of the Congo DR. As with much of this region Bonobos are increasingly under threat and as with elephants found across the forests of this equatorial heart of … [Read more...]

The Congo Basin Ivory Trade – Update

The latest short video clips was shot in a market in Kinshasa in February 2013 but trying to film was somewhat unpredictable the traders at first agreed to allow me to film but on arrival they refused to allow me to film the ivory section of the market and I would only be allowed film curios for sale. The only way to film the ivory was to ask the traders to bring some of the ivory to the back of a hired land-cruiser but after filming the ivory being unloaded the market security block me … [Read more...]

Virunga Earth Great Heritage – Raising funds for the construction of an education center

Virunga National Park is Africa’s oldest and first National Park founded in the year 1925 but due to years of instability this world heritage park is now at risk from chronic inatability. Presently the southern sector and the middle sector are occupied by a regional militia known as the M23 and tensions are again beginning to simmer. After having visited the park in the autumn of 2012 Green Heart Films was fortunate to visit the northern sector of Virunga and we were privileged to have had … [Read more...]

Presidential Ivory Burn – Gabon

Green Heart films have just created a one minute video of President Ali Bongo with Dr Lee White in the year 2012 - President Ali Bongo officially lights six tons of confiscated poached ivory. Green Heart Films was to spend a period of three months in Gabon filming not only the ivory burn but was to travel extensively around Gabon national parks filming forest elephants in the wild. Dr Lee White has begun to sound off alarm bells as forest elephants populations have rapidly declined by … [Read more...]

DR Congo Visit + Undercover Filming

Green Heart Films arrive in Kinshasa in the middle of October 2012 and left Kinshasa for Europe on the 10th of March 2013 and after receiving film permits from the park authority's I began a journey that was to last for the next five months and would take me to five national parks all of which are presently caught in the ongoing crisis that the DR Congo is presently confronting on a continuous cycle. In a world where resources are in rapid decline the DR Congo finds itself at the center of … [Read more...]


From Slavery to The Pillaging Of African Resources. After a years absence I stood once more at Tagrin opposite the river S.Leone facing the coastal mountainous peninsula and the teaming traffic congested city of Freetown. The short river journey to the village of Pepel was a pleasant and uncomplicated  affair and the timeless sight of the ancient slave trading island of Bunce appeared as a memorable witness to mans inhumanity, a clear legacy of avarice, greed and a litany of one of the … [Read more...]

The Amazon L.A.G.H

  The beginning of my journey into the Amazon forests of Latin America began with a flight over the snow fields of the Bolivian high Andes, I was at last traveling from Buenos Aires to the capital of Peru Lima, after months of planning to visit the worlds largest green lung, the Amazon basin. Whilst traveling above the Andes I began to wonder what adventures lay ahead in Peru and further on into the heart of the Amazon basin which lies in Latin Americaʼs largest nation Brazil. I was now … [Read more...]

The Congo Basin

Lunatic up The Congos The Congos, lands that conjure up fear, awe and adventure. These are the two nations that form the very heart of this vast and ancient continent, yet few venture into the depths of Africa’s truly last great frontier wilderness!. I chose to come to the Congos in search of the vast Equatorial forests that represent our planet’s second green lung and the earth’s richest and the most diverse biodiversity to be found any where on our planet. My introduction to the Congo’s … [Read more...]