Conflict & Wildlife

This is Green Heart Films latest production a documentary which follows the story of regional conflicts and their impact upon Africa’s environment and wildlife.


Terror organizations such as Al Shabab are according to UN reports to raising over $25 million annually from charcoal exports and in tern this trade is having a devastating impact upon this arid nations environment forcing nomadic community’s to migrate further south in search of pastures for their cattle – camels and goats.

In Kenya these nomadic community’s are grazing their livestock and burning charcoal and poaching wildlife within the vast conservation area of Tsavo east where ivory in particular is of great value and in huge demand in Asia and China in particular.

With elephant populations in rapid decline across this continent ivory prices are soaring to new heights. Conflicts across this continent are posing a serious threat to Africa’s stability and environment.

Green Heart Films seeks to shed light on the catastrophic impact that conflicts are having upon this continents environment and long term sustainable future.