Our recent visit to Brazzaville has been a success as our main objective was to expose and film the ivory market in Kinshasa, the Capital of the DRC.


There were unfortunate surprises on the journey such as being detained at the airport for ten hours on arrival and our planned visit to Dzangha-Sangha had to be cancelled due to the country’s chronic insecurity.

On a note of success our Chinese colleague was able to cross over the river Congo from Brazzaville and film the Kinshasa market where ivory is being openly sold in one of the city’s markets.


In order to record poached elephant carcasses we have finally arrived in Kenya where we hope to be able to learn more about the impact of elephant poaching and the horrific nature of this type of criminal activity. It is important that an Asian audience is informed as to where the ivory comes from and the true nature of how bloody this trade truly is.


We hope that a compassionate Chinese public will cease to continue to purchase ivory from various criminal syndicates that are presently destroying Africa’s last remaining great herds of Elephants.

A picture displaying some of the illegal ivory that is turned into items for purchase.

After Kenya we will continue onto Asia where we will be visiting Bangkok and then onto our final destination – China, the planets largest consumer of African ivory.

A picture displaying some of the illegal ivory that is turned into items for purchase.

It will be in Asia that we wish to learn more about the retail trade in African ivory, a trade that is ultimately destroying a great African force of nature and one of our planets last remaining great mammals.