Migrant is the title of our latest documentary film,this is the subject of refugees and migrants which is the topic of the day in an increasingly fragile global landscape.



Climate change and population growth are increasingly having a greater impact upon communities around the world.

Political insecurity and conflicts are increasing the numbers of people seeking to migrate to more stable regions of the world and with population growth migration is unlikely to disappear for the foreseeable future.

Who are these migrants and why do they choose to risk their lives to cross the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean sea.


What we do know is that thousands of Africans have died whilst traversing  the Sahara and thousands of others have drowned whilst crossing the Mediterranean sea infact so many Africans have drowned that we are no longer shocked as it is increasingly becoming the norm.

Migration is of course as old as humanity itself and whole continents such as the America’s and Australasia are the direct result of colonial conquest and European settlements.

The origins of the human race can be traced back to Africa from where humans have been migrating around the world since time immemorial.



This will be a documentary that looks at the human face of migration and tries to understand the environmental impacts that have changed our world less developed regions.

In a global changing landscape frontiers and Oceans are unlikely to stop the inevitable cycle of human migration for what we are witnessing is the total transformation of the world we thought we all knew.