News – Blue In Focus Final Journey.


It has taken a year to complete filming around the world on locations in regions such as the Pacific – Indian Ocean and now the S.Atlantic.

I have now returned to the E.African coastline where our project first began on the Island of Mafia in the year 2015.

dsc00323Our primary purpose has been to highlight the needs to conserve our planets dwindling marine resources and biodiversity.With oceans covering over seventy percent of our planets surface we still have limited knowledge on our greatest ecosystem but if we as a species are to have a sustainable future we will surely need the benefits of healthy and productive oceans, for life on our planet depends upon the well being of our seas.

Our Oceans are complex and fragile ecosystems that have no borders or national boundaries but we all have a duty to protect our planets increasingly fragile seas.dsc00369

Green Heart Films will now be looking to edit Blue In Focus but due to scarce resources and funding this might well be our last film production for Green Heart Films !!!