Return to the Congo Basin

Steve from Green Heart Films has flown back to the Congo Basin to continue with the last of the filming on the illegal trade in ivory.  Laurel Chor from Hong Kong is presently preparing to join Steve to film various markets that are still selling illegal wildlife products such as ivory.  Steve is also planning on filming poaching within the wild equatorial forest of the Congo Basin.

Although we have not achieved our target in raising all the funds required,  we do hope that further funds will materialize as the project develops.

After filming within the Congo Basin we are planning on flying to Bangkok where we hope to film and learn more about the retail trade in African ivory.  After our visit to this Asian City we will then travel onto our final destination which will be China.

We are hoping to finalize the filming by mid-September and the documentary will be completed by the 1st June 2014.

Please make a difference and donate whatever you can to help us complete the final film production on the illegal trade in African ivory.  This is a project that will help educate the public in China and in other parts of Asia on the reality of this despicable blood thirsty trade.