The Congo Basin Ivory Trade – Update


The latest short video clips was shot in a market in Kinshasa in February 2013 but trying to film was somewhat unpredictable the traders at first agreed to allow me to film but on arrival they refused to allow me to film the ivory section of the market and I would only be allowed film curios for sale.


The only way to film the ivory was to ask the traders to bring some of the ivory to the back of a hired land-cruiser but after filming the ivory being unloaded the market security block me from filming further but after complaining I was allowed to film curios for sale only.


The subject of ivory trading in the open is still very much a sensitive subject as the market has been raided in the past and the markets ivory traders are cautious and wary of Westerners with cameras.

We are planning to return at the end of June to re-film within the market as we feel this is a subject that needs to be urgently exposed and documented.

After Kinshasa we will travel onto Dzanga-Sangha in the CAR to film the aftermath of poaching within this World Heritage Park.


Our Indiegogo site is presently struggling to raise the Necessary funds that would allow us to return to the Congo Basin and onto China we Urgently Appeal for further  funds to help us to complete the documentation of the illegal international ivory trade.


Please give generously and help make a difference.

From Steve Olive Taylor Film – Maker.

Green Heart Films.