“Hi ni bunduki” “this is a gun and he is a soldier” said the emigration director as she study a zoom lens for my camera at the Uganda Congo DRC frontier post of Kisinyi. And on my attempt to protest the madam of the DGM roared in Ki Swahili “rudisha kwau” “return him back to where he has come from” and with this I left the woman’s office exhausted after four hours of questions and delays.   I had left the relevant order of Uganda and on the border barrier being lifted I entered the … [Read more...]

DR Congo Visit & Undercover Filming

Green Heart Films arrive in Kinshasa in the middle of October 2012 and left Kinshasa for Europe on the 10th of March 2013 and after receiving film permits from the park authority's I began a journey that was to last for the next five months and would take me to five national parks all of which are presently caught in the ongoing crisis that the DR Congo is presently confronting on a continuous cycle.   In a world where resources are in rapid decline the DR Congo finds itself at the … [Read more...]

The Migratory World Of Africa South

By Green Heart Films - S.O.Taylor Sioma Ngwezi is a remote corner of south western Zambia bordering Cuando Cubango a province of Angola a country presently recovering from over thirty years of civil war. To the south of Sioma Ngwezi lies the Caprivi Strip of Namibia and beyond this strip are to be found the Okavango swamps of Botswana. The previous civil conflict in Southern Angola had a catastrophic impact not only on this nations civilian population but also it wildlife was systematically … [Read more...]

Green Heart Films Fly’s To Kinshasa Capital Of DRC.

Green Heart Films leave the UK for Kinshasa the capital of the DRC this Friday the 12th of October to begin a six month journey within the region of the Congo Basin. The first objective in Kinshasa will be to follow up on reports that illegal ivory from the Salonga national park is being openly sold within this city’s markets. After visiting Kinshasa we then travel up to Goma to visit the Virunga national park where conflicts and gas and oil exploration are beginning to pose a serious … [Read more...]