Migrant is the title of our latest documentary film,this is the subject of refugees and migrants which is the topic of the day in an increasingly fragile global landscape.   Climate change and population growth are increasingly having a greater impact upon communities around the world. Political insecurity and conflicts are increasing the numbers of people seeking to migrate to more stable regions of the world and with population growth migration is unlikely to disappear for … [Read more...]

Blue in Focus Completed

News -for further information on Blue In Focus,please visit :- News   Blue In Focus After a year of filming around the world Blue In Focus is now completed. During the course of creating this documentary I have had the privilege to dive in various locations around the world and on the way I have discovered that our oceans are fragile ecosystems that are increasingly under-threat due to mankind non-sustainable activities.   Blue In Focus has visited coastal communities in … [Read more...]

St Helena Journal

HMS St Helena mail ship is the lifeline for the remote south Atlantic island of  St Helena and for the next five days and nights I would be a passenger on  the voyage from Cape Town to Jamestown the island tranquil Edwardian capital. As the ship set sail the views of Table mountain were spectacular as the ship sailed out to sea and the vessel was eagerly followed by an escort of Albatrosses that glided and sailed through the air effortlessly. Onboard the ship was a collection of over a … [Read more...]


  The journey south to the tip of Africa went surprisingly without a hitch and during the early morning connection to Cape Town from Nairobi the flight passed over the snow cap mountain of Kilimanjaro and the mysterious spray that hangs over Mosi Otunya or Victoria falls. The Cape is without doubt the most inhospitable coastline that I have as  yet encountered during the last year of filming around the world in locations such as the Pacific & the Indian Ocean. During the last two … [Read more...]

Blue In Focus – Update

Notice:                 .  Green Heart Films is in no way funded or       . related to Eco Films in any manner whatsoever. Blue In Focus - Documentary Green Heart Films has just returned from our latest expedition to the Western region of the Pacific ocean where we have been filming for our latest conservation documentary, Blue In Focus.   The journey begun with a flight from London to Hong Kong and then onto the islands of Fiji. I have come to this region in order to film … [Read more...]

Pacific Expedition

Blue In Focus is about to leave for the Pacific to begin an expedition into this vast expanse of the western half of the Pacific Ocean. The focus of this next documentary will be sharks and other large pelagic species such as manta rays and tuna.   The Melanesian peoples that inhabit some of the western Pacific islands have a long ancient ritual relationship with sharks and are even known to call sharks but such ritual beliefs have long been diluted or have disappeared since the … [Read more...]

Hong Kong & Indonesia

    Hong Kong is a boundless international hub for the trade in marine products such as shark fins, sea sponges and an array of tropical fish for consumption and for the ornamental fish trade. It is estimated that as many as 100,000 sharks are slaughtered annually for their fins. Many of our species of shark are becoming increasingly rare and according to new global statistics over eighty percent of our planets marine predators are now either close to extinction or highly … [Read more...]

Blue in Focus – Hong Kong to Indonesia

  Hari Raya Nyepi is the new year celebration for the Hindu community of Bali in the Caka year of 1938. On this very auspicious occasion, many ceremonies and rituals are held throughout the island of Bali.   After arriving in Bali from Hong Kong I was to read this notice at the national airport of Denpasar. The New Year celebration was in-itself a new experience, but a Solar Eclipse was to add a mystical adventure on my visit to this world famous exotic … [Read more...]

Blue In Focus – Update

It has been two weeks since my return from E.Africa having filmed over a period of six months in Mozambique, Tanzania and along the coast of Kenya. Since my return to the UK I have joined forces with a new team of talented marine biologists and supporters of marine conservation such as Dr David Obura of Cordio - Steve Trott of the Watumu Marine Association - Jack Wootton - Aggelina Kanellopoulou - Mary Lewis of the JGI - Ian Redmond and lastly our trusted editor Chris … [Read more...]

Blue In Focus

Green Heart Films has just returned from E.Africa, where we have been filming underwater near the island of Mafia, just south of Zanzibar, within the territorial waters of the republic of Tanzania.  One of East Africa’s most pristine biodiverse marine regions is found off the coast of North Mozambique;  this is the island of Vamizi where we were able to film sharks, turtles and an array of untouched corals in one of the most diverse marine regions of the Western Indian Ocean. Indian … [Read more...]