Pembe Ya Ndovu

The documentary film "Pembe Ya Ndovu (We want ivory we want more now)" has now been edited after two years of filming across the heart of Africa and onto Asia. This is a story about the illegal trade in African ivory.  We shall in due in course post further information about Green Heart Films new production and where the film will be screened.   On a wet cold June evening I received an invitation to visit Gabon to witness illegal confiscated ivory being destroyed by Gabon’s … [Read more...]

Market Undercover

Libreville - it is now three uneventful weeks of waiting and hanging around one of the most expensive city’s of the world !!!!   I have decided to film undercover the various bush-meat markets of Libreville and to interview one of Gabon's most active and well known environmentalist who unlike the officially appointed guardians of this nations environment and parks is eager to express his views on what kind of a green future he and others are working towards. Momboit Libreville - … [Read more...]

Journey To Visit Forest Elephants In The Lope Reserve

After having witnessed the destruction of impounded ivory government stocks in Libreville I have decided to travel to the national reserve of Lope to see forest elephants in their natural environment.   Lope is in-fact a patch-work of rain-forests and equatorial savannas but unlike the great plains of E.Africa the savannas of this central African region are not teaming with great herds of forest elephants. After a number of days of viewing elephants from a distance I finally got … [Read more...]