Presidential Ivory Burn – Gabon

Ivory Bur

Green Heart films have just created a one minute video of President Ali Bongo with Dr Lee White in the year 2012 – President Ali Bongo officially lights six tons of confiscated poached ivory.

Green Heart Films was to spend a period of three months in Gabon filming not only the ivory burn but was to travel extensively around Gabon national parks filming forest elephants in the wild.

Ivory tusk

Dr Lee White has begun to sound off alarm bells as forest elephants populations have rapidly declined by up to sixty two percent and only a few months ago in the neighboring country of the Central African Republic the world heritage park of Dzanga-Sangha was attacked and over twenty elephants were slaughtered for ivory by a group of seventeen Sudanese poachers who without doubt will eventually return in order to slaughter further elephants in thier constant pursuit of more ivory.


It is the demand for ivory from nations such as China that is fueling this bloodthirsty trade.

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